Jul 31

I wanna tumble you bby.

Jul 30
Spirited away

Spirited away

Jul 23
When my dad threatens horseback all hell breaks loose

When my dad threatens horseback all hell breaks loose

Jul 23
My baby

My baby

Jul 23
Jul 22
I kinda wanna do this

I kinda wanna do this

Jul 20
Sooo long ago.

Sooo long ago.

Jul 16

Fuck my life

Jul 14
What should princess Abigail do?

What should princess Abigail do?

Jul 13

horses bruh

1. What discipline do you do, and what’s your favorite thing about that discipline? Hunter Jumper

2. What motivates you in the horse world? Just being out there and riding 

3. If you couldn’t do your current discipline, what discipline would you choose? Eventing. 

4. Describe one of the most amazing experiences you’ve gotten in the horse world? Helping with special needs kids

5. Do you show? How often? No, starting this fall.

6. What upcoming event at you most excited for? My barns show.

7. Ever ridden for any famous trainers, if so, who? No.

8. If you could ride with any famous trainer, who would it be? Andreas Shutz

9. Long term equestrian goal? Jumping larger jumps

10. Short term goal? Heels down, toes up (:

11. Biggest achievement? learning to jump

12. What has your main riding struggle been? my knee.

13. Describe your most painful fall. Jumped a jump coming up the diagonal and fell of the side of the horse when he turned to sharply.

14. Describe your funniest fall. My first fall… I 2-pointed to early, and the horse refused… to go over crossrails.. lolol..

15. Who’s your riding idol and why? my instructor.. She is just a very educated woman and knows a lot about riding

16. What are your horse’s “colors”? .. Dont have a horse

17. Describe the fanciest horse you’ve rode? Tarny

18. What would you say is your best riding quality? legs are strong

19. Worst riding habit? hands flying high

20. A major riding a pet peeve? When people don’t even try

21. One thing you love about the horse world? People are nice and caring we all love the animals and thats why were there

22. One thing you hate about the horse world? Some people can be stuck up

23. Do you ever get jealous of your friends? I mean sure, I sometimes wish i could jump as high as them, but ill get there

24. If you could own any horse in the world, not including the one own you ride/own, who would you own? Boots <3

25. What’s your favorite rider/horse story? The team that inspires you the most? a horse that got stung by 200+ yellow jackets and the rder stayed by him even though he was paralyzed for 4 weeks. 

26. Favorite pro horse?

27. Favorite horse book? black beauty

28. Favorite horse movie? Flicka :’)

29. What rider/horse do you think should have a book or movie written or made about them? 

30. If you could own any piece of equipment, what would you own? Tall boots wurdd..

31. What’s the highest you’ve jumped? 3 foot

32. 5 horse-related quirks

33. 5 quirks your horse has

34. Not including your trainer, who’s the best rider at your barn? caren

35. Your favorite horse at your barn? boots

36. If you could change any one thing about your riding, what would that be? not had to had my knee surgery and that i could keep my leg behind me 

37. How often do you clean your tack? evry 3 months 

38. Are you all about safety when it comes to riding, or are you more wild and care-free? In the middle

39. Favorite rider on tumblr?

40. Favorite horse blog on tumblr?

41. Favorite horse magazine? Horses. 

42. What was the last horse-related thing you cried about? When my dad told me I might not be able to get a pony..

43. What would you say is the most frustrating thing when dealing with horses? additudes. 

44. Where would you be without horses in your life? No where. A totally different person

45. Do you like to trail ride? Ehh..

46. What’s one thing your horse/horse you ride has taught you (how to deal with a strong horse, ect.)? How to slow him down and deal with his race-horse qualties.

47. What lessons in life have horses taught you? Never underestimate power

48. Favorite horse quote? “If you dont want people to give you weird looks, dont go out in public wearing your riding clothes”

49. What song do you apply to you and your horse? How does it relate? Kid Cudi’s “Mojo so dope” bc me and boots are dope aff. (;

50. Any other horse question.